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Includes Banstead, Carshalton, Morden, Sutton, Wallington

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Tags Explained

PLI - Public Liability Insurance
Required by the venue of visiting performers. Many venues require visiting entertainers to hold a valid PLI policy in order that they can satisfy their own insurers. PLI protects you and your guests as well as the venue in the event of an accident caused by the DJ or involving the DJ's equipment. Most policies are issued with a maximum liability of £10 million.

PAT - Portable Appliance Tests (or Combined Inspection and Testing)
Required by the venue of visiting performers connecting equipment to their electricity supply. Many venues require proof of recent PAT tests in order that they can satisfy their own insurers or health and safety policies under the Electricity at Work regulations. Following HSE guidance we recommend that DJs have their equipment tested at least annually.

Venue owner, manager or committee member has recently verified that these requirements are in place. Where verified is not shown, we have collected feedback from visiting DJs instead.


Details...Tooting & Mitcham (TM) United FC (KNK Stadium) (The Hub)PATPLI


Details...Cheam Sports ClubPLI

Details...Holiday Inn SuttonPATPLI


Details...Croygas Sports ClubPATPLI

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